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Traveling Safely During the Pandemic

Traveling Domestically and Internationally While Under Pandemic - how aviation professionals can stay healthy

Here's how to support your immune system, get quality sleep, and travel safely during the pandemic

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Traveling Safely While Under Pandemic

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Sleep - May 2020

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Meal Packing

Jill Mongene, RD, LDN - Aviation Nutrition Specialist


As a child, I struggled with my relationship with food.  Unfortunately, I was raised in a home where certain foods were labeled “good” and “bad.”  This led to a disordered eating habit in my early 20’s but prior to, a decade of longing to fix myself.  Fast forward a few years where I learned about proper nutrition and exercise.  I entered a 10k race and became an amateur athlete, marathoner and eventually a specialty running store owner!  Like Forrest Gump…I just kept running.

In my third decade, I found myself pulled to nutrition even more when my pilot husband continued to have health problems that forced time off work.  It was not until his diagnosis of Celiac Disease, that a future colleague convinced me to become a Registered Dietitian.  Lucky for me, the timing was perfect since my husband found himself in an even more rigorous lifestyle as the say “traveling over the pond.”  

Through my experience as a pilot’s wife and Human Performance Dietitian Nutritionist, I have been able to generously and appropriately fuel my husband’s body with nutrient dense packed aviator compliant meals and snacks during trips.  Seeing my husband’s energy level soar, his health issues dissipate, and his cognitive ability exceed past years I wanted to be able to help others in his profession.  He never shows up to a FAA medical certification and must stress about his pass or fail again!

I have been able to share my knowledge with other pilots who find themselves on the edge of losing a FAA medical certification.  Therefore, I created True Course Nutrition to aid where a need has been unmet – our aviation professions health!  

I may not be a pilot, but I can assure you I am just as passionate about your position having lived side by side one of your colleagues for almost two decades!